NAB Qantas Rewards Card

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Card features
Rewards program
Earn rate
Sign up bonus
Points earned
30,000 points when you spend $1,500 in 60 days.
Earn Qantas Points on eligible everyday purchases.
0% p.a. for 6 months on balance transfers. (2% balance transfer fee applies). Reverts to cash advance rate.
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Qantas Frequent Flyer
Qantas Frequent Flyer
0.5 pts
per $1 spent capped
after spend criteria

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30,000 points when you spend $1,500 in 60 days.
0% p.a. for 6 months on balance transfers. (2% balance transfer fee applies). Reverts to cash advance rate.
Earn Qantas Points on eligible everyday purchases.
Free membership into the Qantas Frequent Flyer Program saving you $89.50.
Complimentary purchase protection insurance.
Fast 60 second instant approval process.
Points are capped at 3,000 spend per statement.
After the promotional period, the fallback is the cash advance rate. Which is a high 21.74% p.a.

User reviews

3.9 out of 5.0 based on 15 reviews100% of reviewers would recommend this card

Rates and fees
Customer service

Reviews from users

Great first credit card with rewards

Reviewed and recommended by Lorna on 02 Dec 2016

I chose this as my first card due to the reasonably low annual fee and decent rewards scheme. My card has a pretty low limit as my aim was to build a credit history and start benefiting from paying bills, through rewards points.

I pay it all off fairy rapidly so it’s more like an extension of my debit card, but with rewards! So far it has been perfect for my needs. It comes with an American Express card linked, and I mostly use that. I have found that many places accept it without surcharge now, and it is perfect for PayPal purchases (looking at you, eBay-a-holic). All those little expenses and bills have added up with the 1.5 points per dollar Qantas rewards, and in a year I could earn enough points for a flight to Melbourne and a flight to Sydney one way from Brisbane. The bonus 15000 points are a nice touch.

Note: via Classic Rewards flights, you could grab a flight worth 12000 points in Australia, which is likely to set you back between $135-$250. So you can think about the fee in the first year as a $95 flight with some points left over — saving you upwards of $100. Yay!

- It’s a great choice for a first credit card, to build your credit history

- It has a reasonable annual fee at $95 for the bonus of getting rewards, provided you already spend enough to earn decent points

- It’s super easy to manage through online banking

- You can pay share house bills via AmEx (especially if you link it to PayPal), reap the rewards, and have your housemates directly BPAY your credit card. This is great if your housemates give you the money at different times, or get paid on different days and have to delay a few days. I would only recommend doing this with people you trust though.

- Some people might opt for the $39 low fee card instead as a starter. But consider — if you earn more than $56 of rewards in a year, which is very likely, it’s already worth it to get the Qantas card, especially with the bonus starter points.

- The best way and honestly only way to ensure you use your frequent flyer points so you don’t spend more than you would with cash, is to claim Classic Reward flights, or to upgrade to business or first class. If you aren’t interested in flying around Australia or maybe having a luxury flight to New Zealand (achievable in the short term) or saving up for that round-the-world trip (the 10-year plan), then maybe try a flybuys card and save on your groceries. Claiming points in the Qantas store is usually a total waste.

Altogether, if you have the nous and are a single person with no dependants and not a huge income, this is a great card to work the system with and really start benefiting from your spending. I personally cannot recommend it more for share house situations. Get all the rewards for only one third of the cost, or however you split the bills.

Convenient and good rewards

Reviewed and recommended by Adrian on 22 Jul 2016

Both the AmEx and MasterCard earn rewards, with 1 point for Amex and half of a point with MasterCard. As I pay regularly I am gaining rewards for what I would be buying normally anyway. Linked to Paypal, I also get a reward point for anything where I use Paypal. The bank is responsive and helpful so I have had no issues, and this card suits me and my lifestyle.

Earned plenty of Qantas points

Reviewed and recommended by Sarah on 06 Jul 2016

The amount of points you earn per dollar is good if you use your card for everything and pay it off straight away. Interest is high, but no different from most credit cards—all credit cards seem to charge a lot. Happy with the fact I can earn Qantas points on everyday spending.

Great for frequent flyer points

Reviewed and recommended by Xuerong on 26 Jul 2016

I’m very satisfied with the NAB card. Points earning rate is good on the AmEx card (1 point per dollar). The Visa earn rate at 0.5 per dollar is not as attractive, I can check my transactions online almost immediately. The complimentary insurance policy appears to offer good coverage. I’d recommend this card to others considering a frequent flyer-linked credit card account.

Reliable card

Reviewed and recommended by Aisha on 12 Jul 2016

I changed to the NAB card after a very disappointing customer service from ANZ. NAB appreciates customers more than ANZ does, and made the whole process seamless. Great work, the team at NAB, for focusing on customers and taking the time to understand their needs from each credit card.

Good card when you have a home loan

Reviewed and recommended by Andrew on 05 Jul 2016

We don’t pay any fees as we have a home loan with NAB. Rates are pretty standard.

You get two cards and the rewards are good. You get more for using the AmEx card, although not everywhere accepts it so we usually have to go for fewer points.

Service is good, but could definitely improve.

Earned many Qantas Frequent Flyer points

Reviewed and recommended by le on 25 Sep 2016

This is a great card for frequent flyer points. Both Visa and American Express were offered simultaneously. As always, there’s great customer service at NAB.

The only negative is that the fees could be a bit lower. It is one of the most expensive cards to maintain. But overall, I’ve been happy with it.

Best credit card for Qantas points

Reviewed and recommended by Christos on 25 Sep 2016

A few months back I decided to shop around to find a credit card that would offer me the highest Qantas point yield per dollar spent. During my research I discovered that most credit cards out there limit the number of points you can earn in a statement period. The NAB Qantas Rewards card has no reward points cap, unlike other credit cards. In short, I would recommend this card to anyone who is looking for a credit card to earn Qantas Frequent Flyer Points at a high yield.

Helpful when my card was hacked

Reviewed and recommended by Darren on 20 Sep 2016

I have had the Qantas card with NAB for a few years now. They’ve been great to deal with and very helpful when my card number was hacked earlier this year.

Rewards are fair for the yearly fee you pay, and the card is accepted everywhere so that’s useful. We also have a secondary card for my wife linked to the same account.

Overall, a good card

Reviewed and recommended by Darross on 24 Oct 2013

I’ve had this card for years, just never bothered to change to another. It is convenient to use and I have 100% trust in the bank and their security. Whenever there has been a problem, particularly when travelling overseas, their response is immediate and they are always easy to deal with.

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The basics

About this card

Card setup
Card tier
Card type
Card use
Credit rating
Gambling transactions allowed
Joint application
Minimum age
18 years old
Minimum income
Minimum income for pensioners
Same as standard
Rewards program
Qantas Frequent Flyer
Temporary residents


Additional cardholders
Additional card fee
$0 p.a.

Credit limits

Minimum credit limit
Maximum credit limit


Interest charged from
Purchase date
Interest free period
Up to 44 days on purchases
Minimum repayment

Balance transfers

The offer

Interest ratePeriodFeeLimitRevert rate
Balance transfers0% p.a.6 months2%90% of credit limit21.74% p.a.

Balance transfers to this card

Balance transfer earns rewards
Balance transfer fee payment due
First statement
Balance transfer from personal loan
Balance transfer processing time
10 - 14 days
Interest free days with unpaid balance
0 days
Maximum balance transfer
90% of credit limit
Available to existing customers

Banks you can't balance transfer from

You can't balance transfer to the NAB Qantas Rewards Card at the promotional balance transfer rate from:

  • NAB

Rates & fees

Promotional interest rates

Interest ratePeriodFeeLimitRevert rate
Balance transfers0% p.a.6 months2%90% of credit limit 21.74% p.a.
PurchasesN/AN/AN/AN/A N/A

Ongoing interest rates

Cash advances 1.81% 21.74% p.a.
Purchases 1.67% 19.99% p.a.


Annual fee
$95 p.a.
Cash advance fee
whichever is greater, $2.50 or 2%
Dishonour fee
Duplicate statement fee
Foreign exchange fee
Late payment fee
Over limit fee
Overseas ATM balance fee
Overseas ATM withdrawal fee
Overseas emergency card replacement fee
Transaction verification fee

Rewards & points

Cool stuff you can get with your points

Disclaimer: Does not include taxes, fees, or charges. Accurate as of 25th January 2016.

Rewards program basics

First purchase bonus
30,000 points
Reward points expiry
Never as long as you keep your account active
Rewards program
Qantas Frequent Flyer
Spend required for bonus points
$1,500 in 60 days

Earning points with this card

Frequent flyer points
0.5 pts per $1 spent
Overseas earn rate
Same as standard earn rate
Points cap per month
Points cap per year
Points earned on ATO payments
Reward points
0.5 pts per $1 spent

Additional benefits

Airport lounge access
Complimentary flight voucher
Concierge service


This card comes with benefits worth an estimated $58

ShoppingEstimated value
Purchase protection
Valuation based on the assumption of making a $200 claim once every 5 years. There is no retail market for this type of insurance, so no premium saving.
Waived Qantas Frequent Flyer joining fee
Valuation based on $89.50 Qantas Frequent Flyer joining fee spread over 5 years.
Total estimated value$58
Annual fee$95
Net customer value$-37
Disclaimer: Details of who, what, and where coverage applies to, as well as its duration and any coverage limitations will be listed in the credit card insurance product disclosure statement (PDS) on the card issuer's website. The names/labels of complimentary insurance products may differ from one issuer to another. Terms and conditions apply. Always check the insurance PDS when considering a financial product. Accurate as of 31st October 2015.

Minimum criteria for this card

What you need before applying

Be over 18 years old
You are a resident or citizen of Australia
Earn a regular any weekly income
You have your personal details ready to complete the online application
Have not applied for multiple credit cards recently
Joint applications are not allowed
Temporary residents are eligible
Age Pension, Disability Pension, Overseas Pension, Veteran's Pension and Widower's Pension are acceptable.
Austudy, Carer's Allowance, Child Support Payments, Family Tax Benefits and Parenting Payments and Foster Care Allowance are acceptable.
Youth Allowance is not acceptable.
Disclaimer: The minimum criteria pointers are intended only to be a guide. Your application may still be rejected by the bank even if you can answer 'Yes' to all the minimum criteria. The final decision regarding your application is up to the bank.

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